Thursday, April 14, 2011

At the track

Dave Roper - my alltime hero - the only american to have won the Isle of Man - until that weirdo on an electric bike took his title away last year - gets the holeshot off the grid in the class C foot shift class on his 1946 Dondelino


  1. Mark Miller - a weirdo? He's the guy who won the electric TT. He was a gun for hire riding the elctric bike for more laps of the place he loves. He's fucking hardcore. Top five at Macau, 11th in the 2009 Superbike TT? Do you know any of this?
    Anyone who crashes like this and comes back to race at the TT is a hero.
    Mark Miller crash

  2. Ouch. I'll eat my own words. That was more about the electric bike than the electric bike racer. I know they're better for the environment but I'm having a hard time fallling in love with them...