Monday, May 9, 2011

ladies and gentlemen.... Mr. Dick Miles

Ray and i hopped in a 16' penske rental with a lift gate and 5,700 lb load capacity and drove down to see a man about some machinery. Dick Miles is an old school racer, machinist, and collector of incredible amounts of historical oooglery.

one of the larger drill presses i've ever come across

his whole warehouse is filled with little rooms like these.... machines machines machines

his old race bikes. manx mang....

him at the track back in the day

he loaded me up with a sweet ass machine shop starter kit: bridgeport milling machine, bench top south bend lathe, variable speed buffalo drill press, band saw, disc/belt sander...and some stuff for erik. that's him on the left, we moved every piece of machinery with his little red hand truck with the addition of two 1" diameter steel roll bars for the bridgeport and a crowbar that they used on the railroad tracks. he's one hell of a type of genius.

he's also the type of guy that'll come pick you up with his F350 special when you're broken down off 95 in the F150 you just picked up in south carolina.... these pictures are from a while back. he says that owning a tow truck is exactly what got him into the habit of collecting machines. apparently i owe a lot to this thing

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