Thursday, July 28, 2011

mid-ohio money shots

dale totally ruling. see these guys, with all their upper body weight just don't have to get their asses out like us gals do

this is doug donnelan on his solo bike. he totally rode his pit bike over to our pits and said "you guys were really cookin out there, good job." i'm pretty sure my heart exploded a little bit and pieces of it flew into my throat and I had to grab something to keep from fainting.

green vs. fairbanks

ivan (my race partner) placed pretty much every friggin race he entered. it was rough for him going out sometimes four races a day. way to kick some ass partner

doug donnelan and cat collins - the two fastest motherfuckers on the planet. cat normally races with fairbanks but their rig wasn't ready for the weekend. it was awesome to see the two partners dueling each other, cat with donnelan and fairbanks with bruce

this guy gets the you-gotta-be-somewhat-crazy-to-do-this spirit award. purchases sidecar rig, has it delivered to the track Friday, wrenches until he has to race it on Saturday - and gets on the track for the first time ever piloting a sidecar. "i took it into the grass out of the keyhole (a super tight right-hander) six times..... in one race!"

I love this track. the sweeping fast right handers.... better than sex.

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  1. Girl we had fun didnt we??
    Mid Ohio is also my favorite favorite track and YES its most fun you can have with clothes on..
    c you soon and thanks fo posting these..Awesome job to you and Ivan on your races