Monday, December 5, 2011

Team Kane gets DicE-d

Got the new DicE boys, thanks. It's funny because I remember this sweet little text chat I had with you a while back went a little something like this:

Team Kane: "cool, thanks so much for including me in the upcoming issue, but can I see the photos first? There's a shot of my ass I'm a little sensitive about being in it"

Dice Magazine: "yeah jess, right, innit mate, wicked, look I'll send you the article all laid out, right, so you can see it, make sure it's cool and that lot" forward....

Dice Magazine: "new issue is printed, what's your address? your ass shot? i never sent you the layout? bullocks, oh well!"

Anyway, it's a really fucking beautiful little piece (the article, not my ass) and thanks so much guys. Love you... seriously can't wait til the next time you're in brooklyn, and you fall asleep, and i happen to have that jar of peanut butter, and my dog's hungry, and my camera's around my neck. X

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